Fun Arrows, Radio Station in Benton Harbor, MI
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Fun Arrows, Radio Station in Benton Harbor, MI Radio Station in Benton Harbor, Michigan

Local News

Enjoy up-to-date live and local news coverage when you listen to our radio station. We also offer details on sports and weather, while also letting you enjoy great music.

Live Radio Content & Online Streaming

Listening to our live radio content lets you always remain connected to your community through our news and event coverage. In addition, our station soon plans to offer online streaming services as another way to help you stay connected.

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About Us

WHFB Radio AM 1060 is a radio station in Benton Harbor, Michigan that offers local and national news, as well as great music. We are a heritage station with that has a great deal of history surrounding it, and we provide great news coverage alongside good music. All of our content is available for you to stream online.

Community & Customer

Our station serves the community on a variety of levels, such as through covering community-focused news and events. In addition, we enjoy our partnership associations and treat everyone who works with us with utmost care and professionalism. Customers who listen to our station appreciate the community coverage that we offer, and we have been flooded with calls and letters that express praise for our work.

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