The Note: Breaking Down the Trump Press Conference

Posted on: February 17th, 2017 by ABC News No Comments

Trump’s First 100 Days with SHUSHANNAH WALSHE

Day No. 29

THE BIG STORY: The president’s first solo press conference yesterday was an almost 80-minute look inside the president’s mind four weeks into his term. President Trump relished in unleashing on the press and stressed that his administration is not in “chaos,” but being run like “a fine-tuned machine,” refusing to take any responsibility for the missteps and upheaval that have plagued the first month of his presidency. There was news too: a new immigration executive order will be unveiled next week; former national security adviser Michael Flynn was “just doing his job” and the president repeatedly claimed that he has “nothing to do with Russia,” calling assertions to the contrary “fake news” and insisting “leaks” are the real problem. Besides laying into the press in a performance he truly seemed to enjoy, Trump also revealed he has asked the Department of Justice to investigate those leaks and he’s working on both plans for…

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