The Note: Trump’s divisive language lands blow, Washington parries with policy

Posted on: January 12th, 2018 by ABC News No Comments

The TAKE with Rick Klein

A month ago today, President Donald Trump’s Republican Party lost an unlosable Senate race in Alabama, and it looked as if the GOP might end the year without a single major legislative victory.

One week from now, there might be a broad immigration agreement on top of the new tax law. Or … the federal government could shut down, and 800,000 “Dreamers” might have to start making plans to leave the country, and so-called “s—hole countries” will surely take a chunk of presidential blame.

The insane pace of developments in the Trump era have often looked like the kind of chaos that only a "stable genius" might be able to appreciate. This sure doesn’t look like an environment for bipartisan compromise to take hold.

But even amid talk of racial dog whistles and worse, recent events reveal a coping mechanism that Washington has begun to employ– maneuvering around the president’s words and tweets at key times.

The Trump agenda is many things, and Trump’s latest…

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