The Women’s Coalition of Motorcyclists Announces the Train-the-trainer scholarship

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In pursuit of the goal of doubling the number of female motorcycle riders by 2020, the Women’s Coalition of Motorcyclists (WCM) has established a train-the-trainer scholarship program in partnership with the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning and Michigan Rider Education Program. The scholarship program will allow for up to 10 WCM paid members to attend the RiderCoach Preparation course to become a certified motorcycle safety coach. In Michigan, only 11 percent (27 of 235) of certified RiderCoaches are female.
Those awarded scholarships must be paid WCM members at the $12 or above membership category and accepted into one of Michigan’s Train-the-Trainer program. The scholarship will cover up to $300 in lodging, meals and mileage for each scholarship.
To apply for the scholarship, visit: ( )
“The WCM is the engine needed to propel us into a brighter future for women’s empowerment, female motorcyclists and motorcycling overall,” according to Sue Slate, one of the founders of WCM. “There is still much that can be done to grow the ranks of female riders. This scholarship program is a great way to accelerate us in that direction,” according to DP, the WCM Board Chair.
The RiderCoach Preparation Course is a minimum 80 hours of classroom and range activity. This course is periodically offered at various locations throughout the state and may be held over several consecutive days or across a few weekends. As part of this course, scholarship recipients will be required to attend and participate in every session, pass a riding-skill test and a knowledge test. Successful completion of this training will result in a RiderCoach Certification through the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF). The MSF is a nationally recognized program that has provided the curriculum followed by all motorcycle safety training providers in the State of Michigan. For an application for the Grand Rapids Community College Motorcycle Rider Education Program visit: ( ) for.  The upcoming training dates are August 15 – 18 & 22-25 for a total of eight (8) days.
This scholarship is geared towards experienced riders with good riding and communication skills, who may qualify to become a Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) certified RiderCoach. Becoming an MSF RiderCoach is a great way to improve one’s own abilities while helping others to learn or enhance their riding skills.

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  2. […] The Women’s Coalition of Motorcyclists Announces the Train-the-trainer scholarship […]

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