Michigan’s firearm deer season drives tradition, economic gains

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Michigan’s firearm deer season drives tradition, economic gains
Hunters across the state are ready for Michigan’s firearm deer season, which began Friday. Not only a time-honored tradition shared across many generations of Michiganders, this season also brings a significant boost in state revenue. Of all hunters in Michigan last year, over 600,000 of them – better than 90 percent – were deer hunters. This year, approximately half a million hunters are expected to take to the Michigan woods for the firearm deer season. A recent study released by Michigan United Conservation Clubs estimates that hunting and fishing in Michigan generate $11.2 billion a year, with the state’s nearly 700,000 hunters contributing $8.9 billion – about 80 percent – of those critical dollars.
According to TravelUSA research, leisure travel spending on hunting continues to bring important economic revenue to Michigan. Last year, travelers who participated in hunting as an activity contributed a direct spend of more than $73 million in the state. Those who participated in hunting or fishing had a direct spend of over $396 million. In 2018, Michigan saw 75,470 new customers for all hunting licenses combined, and Michigan continues to rank among the leading states for the number of paid hunting license holders. Firearm deer season was the biggest draw, with 483,341 of hunters participating in that season. Get more information about hunting opportunities in Michigan – including season, license and regulation details and tips on safety and accessibility – at Michigan.gov/Hunting.

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