MDOT Announces Temporary Layoff Plan

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Permanent MDOT employees (over 2000 people) will be participating in a temporary layoff plan, most of whom will be required to serve one day of temporary layoff per week for the next ten weeks. Exceptions are noted below.  While there will be a few people on a variety of staggered schedules to ensure continuity of key business operations (transport permits, bid lettings, ProjectWise support, etc.), the vast majority of MDOT employees, including Local Agency Program staff, will serve these temporary layoff days according to the following schedule:

Employees will be directed to not work on their temporary layoff days, which includes not answering emails or phone calls, so as to not jeopardize their benefits under the CARES Act workshare program.  Consequently, if you or your members have business to conduct with MDOT on those days that does not involve MDOT construction oversight or transportation first responder staff, please plan to address it before or after the dates noted above. MDOT’s business will continue throughout this period, more or less as usual, but with a few long weekends in between.  Construction projects and bid lettings will move forward as planned.

MDOT employees exempt from the dates above generally fall in three categories:

Construction Contract Oversight,Transportation First Responders, Major Infrastructure Operations.

These employees will continue to report for duty as usual, and will not serve temporary layoff days.  These functions of the department should have no significant disruption.

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