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Mike Talbot began his training as a classical pianist at the age of five. It was at this time that Mike initiated self-study in the visual arts, as well. Consistent education in both disciplines continued throughout Mike’s life, culminating in a degree from the University of Miami and a multi-faceted career in both the visual and performance arts. Mike is considered a master vocalist, guitarist and pianist, as well as a prolific and innovative songwriter. His performance history, spanning three decades and totaling over 30,000 hours, includes a wide range of gigs, from local haunts to headlining concerts. He is also considered a master painter, and works with his wife Cat to create imaginative canvas art. Their artwork has been viewed by an estimated ten million viewers, and is highly prized for private collection. Additional credentials include concept creation and special events development. Currently, they are in the early stages of two new projects, the first being the expansion of their successful children’s entertainment brand, “The Front Porch Puppeteers”, and the second, a grass roots radio show that shines the spotlight on the local music and arts scene.

The Open Mike Show Podcast

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10: Bryan Lubeck
9: Dan Geib
8: Riely & Molly
7: Dave Carlock
6: Tommy Cole
5 pt2 The Backups
5 pt 1: Noah Privett
4: Jack Cunningham
3: Dirty Sally
2: The Raindogs
1: Mike Struwin

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WHFB radio © 2021. All rights reserved.

WHFB radio © 2021. All rights reserved.