Italy 2020

Experts in art, culture, social history, and architecture will be your guides for this 14 – day tour of Rome, Italy. Tour the hidden alleys, courtyards, excavations and rooftops of Rome in a trip designed to reveal all the pleasures of the Eternal City: Italian cuisine, gardens, music, art and architecture. From hilltop pagan sanctuaries to the underground vaults of an ancient theater this trip is designed for you to find the secret palaces and hidden art the average tourist never sees. This summer walk in the footsteps of Emperor Nero in the remains of his Golden House. In the Baroque palace corridors of Rome’s wealthiest families you can explore their private art collections. Marvel at the Renaissance villa and pleasure gardens of Tivoli. In the Vatican view the art, architecture and engineering feats of Michelangelo. Special events include cooking with an Italian chef , sunset liqueur in an Italian garden, rooftop terrace aperitivo. You will visit some of the world ’s greatest museums of art and culture. Shared meals and evening conversations create lasting friendships and provide historical, cultural, and artistic background and context.